Zwanniken sends second letter to social justice group

POSTED: 04/15/12 4:08 PM

St. Maarten – The attorney for Maurice Lake – Roeland Zwanniken – has requested by letter dated April 12, that the Soualiga Movement of Social Justice, Reginald Arrindell, Rene “Koto” Wilson and Natasha Manuel “refrain from slandering the good name and reputation of my client.” The letter is a follow up to one on April 4 requiring the group and individuals to provide proof of allegations they’d made against Lake and the former board of the St. Peters Community Council within five days or to retract and publicly rectify the allegations. The group failed to meet the deadline and that led Zwanniken to send another letter.

“It is incomprehensible that on one side your group has decided to publicly make severe accusations and insinuations of alleged wrong doings against my client, but that at the same time your group evades to enter into a discussion about same and/or to substantiate the unfounded allegations and insinuations. This in itself already proves that you group acts in bad faith and that the real motives of your group are anything but of an integer nature,” Zwanniken states in his letter.

Later he’d add, “We have to conclude that the statements you made are 100 percent fabricated and thus of a frivolous nature, which itself constitutes a wrongful act towards my client.”

Zwannikken has also said that the group cannot deny knowledge of the content of the April 4 letter because it has been published in the media and Wilson went as far to react to the content on the radio. None of the trio have actually taken possession of the April 4 letter. Wilson refused to and at 3:15 p.m on April 5 and Arrindell and Manuel refused to accept it ahead of a town hall meeting on April 11.

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