Zouk night draws biggest attendance to date

POSTED: 04/22/13 12:22 PM

St. Maarten / By Carla Bridgewater – A coin toss would definitely have to be done to determine who stole the show at the Night of the Hit Makers mega concert on Friday night. If I were to choose on the basis of familiarity, Antiguan band Burning Flames will take lead but in terms of coordination, sex appeal, good eye candy and a complete package from start to finish the night belonged to Gio Goi Gio.
Maybe it’s just me and my semi groupie moment; I was truly blown away by the boy band from Curacao. The two bald heads and a dread as they referred to themselves were truly mesmerizing. Clad in lily white shirts and denim jeans, everyone from frontline singer to musicians were a sight for sore eyes.
Not understanding a word of Papiamento, I swore each song, each word; each cord they struck was in an effort to woo me; and the screaming ladies in the crowd also.
As the lyrics of the Tumba King, whose voice and moves caused husbands and boyfriends to hold their partners so close that not even air passed between them. The single ladies fawned and engaged in a call and response that sounded like “Rock it Gio.” But what erupted their performance was their classic version to Korean sensation Psy, Gangdam style, which left all chanting their names. They broke into an English version of the Roof is on Fire, with crowd finishing saying, ‘we don’t need no water let the bleep bleep burn.’ But as for me and not being from Curacao hearing Gio Fortissimo for the first time, the eye popping Spanish boys surely made my night.
Not forgetting the other bands some patrons went with the local band Control and Oswald. As one woman put it, “Control is Control, they always do their thing.” They were the first band and set the atmosphere for dancing. Not the biggest dance stage in the Caribbean as promised but patrons still took full advantage of it as they dance the night away.
Le Groove from Aruba or as they call themselves the Pink 4 Life crew was somewhat lukewarm. The lone female in the group added a bit of entertainment to their performance. Wearing what some perceived to be a wardrobe malfunction, Ashmani Gairo wore a pink T back navel breaker top with black stocking, super sheer bringing attention to her pink undergarment. This didn’t stop her from bumping and grinding to every beat and song played. Thankfully she brought some life to the band.
Antiguan band Burning Flames ended the night’s event. Antiguans flocked center stage to get a close up view off band leader Onions red shorts with colored tights. This was when the real jump up began. The crowd favorite was their smash hit “Kick in She Back Door.” Patrons even took over the stage singing one verse and a chorus in an attempt to win a cd. The sang hits like Workey, Lorraine, Swinging Engine Jump and mash it up just to name a few. After performing for over an hour they brought the curtains down at 3 a.m. Fans were all too pleased and left saying that it was truly a night well spent listening to hits by the very best hit makers.

As the concert series continued larger crowds came out for the zouk night featuring big band Kassav. With a heavy Guadeloupe and Martiniquean audience, thousands packed into the Carnival village on Saturday to pay tribute to what they described as the best of the island. With an over two hour’s performance, they had patrons singing dancing, clapping hands, doing a wave, just every instruction given by the group. People were in genuine awe by the band. From the well-rehearsed dance routines, the heavy African influence in their dance and music and the sweet sound of zouk, it was a night filled with love and dancing from the packed audience.
Activities continue tonight at the Carnival village with the Miss Mature Beauty pageant which starts at 8 p.m.

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