Zebec sues Mingo for $100 million over stalled Harbor Village project

POSTED: 08/22/14 12:19 AM

St. Maarten – Zebec Development NV filed a $100 million claim against the Harbor Group of Companies and its Chief Executive Officer Mark Mingo for breach of contract, the company stated in a press release. “While we regret having to resort to this measure we feel we have no alternative but to seek remedies in court,” stated Zebec’s Managing Director Luis Gioia, who also developed the Blue Mall in Cupecoy.

Zebec speaks in its press release of “long term efforts to reach a satisfactory solution with its development partners.” The claim stems “from the harbor’s repeated failure to meet its contractual obligations as defined under various agreements signed by Harbor CEO Mark Mingo with Zebec for the development of the Harbor Village project in the cruise terminal.”

Zebec and the harbor intended to develop a currently vacant parcel of land of 14,000 square meters adjacent to the cruise piers into a mix of shopping and entertainment. A former Disney World creative team designed the plan, Zebec’s press release states, and the design features “a variety of entertainment experiences. The Harbor Village was destined to make St. Maarten harbor the flagship port of call in the entire Caribbean.”

Zebec and the harbor were to fund the development together “simply generating many years of income from a revenue sharing agreement.”

According to Zebec, Harbor Village would provide economic benefit “well beyond the long-term financial benefits for the harbor.”

Harbor Village would create “an unparalleled tourist experience” according to Zebec and the project would help increase cruise passenger spending, provide employment opportunities and a new source of tax revenue. Over the last four years, Zebec has entered into agreements with Harbor CEO Mark Mingo. However, the press release notes, “Mingo continues to set up road blocks to this mutually beneficial new development. Despite an enormous commitment of time and the expenditure of several million dollars in research and development, Zebec is no closer to seeing the project become a reality.”

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