Youth Council awards 39 students

POSTED: 11/19/12 12:59 PM

GREAT BAY- The St. Maarten Youth Council awarded 39 students from various high schools on the Dutch side for stellar, repeat scholastic achievements. The awardees were in the company of youth parliamentarians, teachers and parents who had encouraged them to perform outstandingly and remain at the top of their class.

They hailed from the St. Dominic High School, Milton Peters College, St. Maarten Academy (Academic and PSVE), Sundial School and Learning Unlimited. The students’ achievements were highlighted during the 13th annual International Students Day Academic Achievements Awards, held at the Philipsburg Cultural Center on Saturday night under the theme “In the Pursuit of Excellence.”

Lavesh Mirpuri (St. Dominic) and Ece Unal (Learning Unlimited) were particularly singled out for the excellence award because of their consistent academic prowess. Youth parliamentarian Riginson Antoine urged the community to support the efforts of young people. “We must applaud their efforts and highlight their positive achievements rather than harp on the negative. We should never allow the negative behavior of a few to overshadow the positive achievements of the majority of our youths. If we are to build a strong country, our people must be prepared to take up leadership positions. We must be prepared and equipped to lead, our country needs you,” he said.
Youth Council coordinator Connie Francis-Gumbs took the opportunity to apologize to the honorees for not having the award plaques available in time for the ceremony. She said this was a result of “a series of unfortunate coincidences which led to the awards not being ordered on time.”

Despite this hiccup, each honoree received a certificate with the promise that their award would follow closely behind. Youth Parliament President Rochana Richardson serenaded the audience with a nationalistic piece. She sang St. Maarten we will live on because we are so brave and strong.

The awardees were selected from grades 7 to 11 of high school. They included smiling Louissaint, Yasmine Essed, Fatimah Karim, Aliyah Victor, AJay Dayalani, Viren Baharani, Giovanni Bedneau, Estih Mota Sosa, Alexander Benjamin, Richard Boekhold, Veerle Bok, Clifford Francis, Erika Vlaun, Jerrisa Wayland, Iris Hakkens, Harsha Parchani, Bettina La Fortune, Jessica Charleverin, Daniella Jean, Shada Groeneveldt, Dwayne Griffith, Mervil St. Hilaire, Murville Lupson, Rebecca Boireau, Victor Boonstra, Manaar Mohammed, Jenice Forbes, Raiza Laurence, Soniya Bag, Ruhan J. Bora, Cindy Brandy, Jhon Sena Perez, Amanye York, Ricardo Arnell, Devesh Laungani, Jackie Constanzo and Ginonne Severina. As students took the stage to receive the certificate, they beamed with pride and looked satisfied with the recognition.

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