Youngsters from forgotten Sucker Garden demand jobs

POSTED: 08/31/11 1:16 PM

“Why does Sucker Garden always get the bad end of the stick?”

St. Maarten – “Sucker Garden is the forgotten district. Nobody does anything for the young people here. It is dirty, the place needs a cleanup. These youngsters have no education, but they can clean, and they are willing to do it. Who is going to look after them? They get the idea that others want them to turn to a life of crime.”
Bitter words from Eugene Heyliger, Vice president of the Sucker Garden Community Council. Heyliger is making a stand for a group of young men from Sucker Garden who was turned away by Waste-In-Place when they offered the company their help with cleaning up the Rolandus Canal.
“They have trucks, they have tools, and they are ready to work,” Heyliger said. “But when they offered their help they were turned away. They don’t know who to turn to anymore.”
Heyliger says the youngsters express their desperation by wearing black tee shirts. “Some of them are ready for action, like a march to the government building, or blocking the road,” he said.
Heyliger said that Waste-In-Place is owned by JAMES Richardson, a brother of parliamentarian Lloyd Richardson. “These boys don’t understand that not one truck driver from Sucker garden is getting a job for this clean up,” Heyliger said.
He pointed out that United People’s Party faction leader Romain Laville promised during last year’s elections that he would make sure the young people from Sucker Garden would get work. That was part of his campaign slogan.”Heyliger said that he has spoken to Laville and that he will meet with him upon his return from a trip to the United States.
Heyliger said that he is glad that finally something is happening in Sucker Garden, but he remained critical at the same time. “They are cleaning up, but we are not satisfied with it, they are doing a terrible job. Why does Sucker Garden always get the bad end of the stick? Because there are no politicians living here?”

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