Young woman slams head after being jet blasted

POSTED: 04/10/12 2:17 PM

No major incidents for Easter Weekend

St. Maarten – Police Spokesman Ricardo Henson says there were no major incidents this Easter weekend. Locals and tourists hit the streets and beaches in the four day holiday that began on Good Friday and ended on Easter Monday.
“The only report I have is that people parked their cars on the side of the road at Mullet Bay because of the boulders and that obstructed traffic a bit but we did not tow anyone. People have a right to go to the beach so it would not have been fair to tow anyone,” Henson said on Monday evening.
Henson also reported that four men were involved in an altercation. Three men reportedly approached another man and ill-treated him. Henson could not say Monday whether one of the attackers had hit the victim with a block.
Though neither the police nor the airport have reported about there was also an incident on April 4. According to video posted on Youtube by LinkSXM a young woman smashed her head against the roadside, retaining wall at Maho Beach. She’d been hanging on the airport fence as a Jet Blue aircraft revved its engines ahead of take off. The video shows the young lady lose her grip and then smashing into the retaining wall. The video had been watched 583 views and two comments. Dark creed said, “Jajaja, stupid”, while Nomoreidsleft wrote, “I hope she gets charged for damaging that wall.”
The airport has had an issue with such behavior before and placed more and bigger warning signs after losing a law suit filed by an American woman who got jet blasted several years ago. She said the signboards back then were too small.

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