Young robber heads for a fresh start

POSTED: 02/7/13 12:36 PM

St. Maarten – Davion Mickel Longmore, a 17-year-old who was sentenced in September of last year to an 18-month suspended sentence for a robbery, returned to the Court in First Instance yesterday to stand trial for yet another robbery. The young man promised Judge Tamara first conviction in September he became deeply religious and took an oath to himself to change his life. He freely committed to the court that he had indeed been involved in an armed robbery on May 5 of last year, together with two friends.

“Is this confession part of your new life?” Judge Tijhuis asked, and the young man confirmed that this is indeed the case. “I appreciate your confession,” the Judge said.

Prosecutor  Georges van den Eshof noted that the defendant had a strong story about bettering his life and that he had become deeply religious. “But he did not want to talk with the police about what he has done. At the Judge of Instruction he said that he was sorry, and I have to take that for a confession.”

The prosecutor did not want to keep the youngster in prison, because of his earlier conviction and the fact that the robbery in May occurred before that date. “Normally, that charge would have been part of the trial in September,” he said.

The young man’s mother said that she had been surprised to hear that her son had been arrested 49 days ago, because he had shown such a different attitude after his September-conviction.

The prosecutor demanded 365 days imprisonment with 315 days suspended – meaning that Longmore will be released today.

Attorney  Geert Hatzmann considered the demand fair and Judge Tijhuis followed it.

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