Young King-murder suspect already convicted twice

POSTED: 10/8/12 2:00 PM

St. Maarten – Jeremiah C.M., the teenager who is in custody as the second suspect in the Michael and Thelma King murder-investigation has a criminal record. On April 18 of this year, the Court in First Instance sentenced M. to 18 months imprisonment, but the largest part of the punishment (15 months) was suspended. He was under 2 years of probation. The sentence was for an armed robbery on February 21 at the office of Global Wealth Trade at the Yogesh Commercial Building opposite Le Grand Marché on Bush Road.
In October of last year M. was also in court, that time for a burglary at a home in Beacon Hill. On that occasion he was sentenced to a 3-month conditional prison sentence, 80 hours of community service, supervision by the Court of Guardianship and obligatory participation in the Victorious Living Foundation’s young entrepreneurship program. He told the court that he did not remember the burglary because he had been drunk.
At the sentencing in April, M. still had not completed the community-service from his October-conviction and it is unclear whether he ever took part in the program at Victorious Living.
In February, M. owed $700 to a dealer of ganja and his creditor was threatening him.
On February 21 he went to the office of multi level marketing company Global Wealth Trade, pretending that he wanted to take part in their program. He even gave the Global Wealth Trade representative his name and address before pulling a nail gun on her demanding that she give him some of the store’s expensive watches and jewelry.
“I have seventeen rounds in here and I prefer not to use them,” he told the representative when he showed her the nail gun.
“Please don’t kill me,” the girl answered.
M. took off with three watches, a necklace and a ring with a combined value of $13,000.
“That was a clumsy holdup,” prosecutor mr. Bart den Hartigh told the young man in April. His attorney mr. Shaira Bommel conceded that point, saying that her client had taken a very dumb decision to choose Global Wealth Trade as the target for his robbery because his mother worked there at the time.

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