“You can have my spot if you take my disability too”

POSTED: 09/20/12 12:51 PM

GREAT BAY – For over a week now an attentive reader spotted a police van parked on a parking spot reserved for disabled motorists. I think it is a big shame, she wrote to this newspaper, that the driver apparently didn’t see the problem of parking the vehicle there and that  all other officers apparently didn’t see a problem either as no one has moved the vehicle up to this day. The police station has its own parking in front, in the back and next to the salt pond, the reader noted. “Any regular vehicle that would park on this spot would have been (and should have been) towed and fined from day one.”

The reader also sent us a picture to accompany her observation, saying she would like the police to realize they have to set the right example. “They will never gain respect from the public if they only enforce the law on others, and not on themselves. A well known comment is: you can have my spot, if you take my disability also.”

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“You can have my spot if you take my disability too” by

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