WTN-TV airing profiles of St. Maarten Heroes

POSTED: 11/15/11 4:39 AM

St. Maarten – The Tallahassee-St. Maarten Foundation Inc. under the directorship of Arthur Lugisse and WTN-TV Channel 10 are jointly producing a new program that profiles St. Maarten Heroes. The first episodes have already aired on WTN-TV Channel 10.
The two parties have also agreed to create a Hall of Fame of personalities who have played an integral role in the development of baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, track & field, volley ball, cricket, cycle racing, weight lifting, tae kwon do, table tennis, lawn tennis, boat racing, car racing, pool, boxing and dominoes.
“We will also be adding disc golf which is a new tourism sport. In order to see these great programs, one will have to be a subscriber of WTN-Cable TV. These personalities are legends in their own right. They are outstanding in their areas of expertise and have contributed to their community above and beyond normal expectations. Therefore, TLH-SXMF and WTN-TV found it important to team up and profile these very important members of our society,” TLH-SXMF Executive Director Arthur Lugisse said on Monday.
Arnell Brown, Arturo Lugisse, Valerie van Putten, and Andrew Dick are the hosts of the program.

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WTN-TV airing profiles of St. Maarten Heroes by

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