Writing and play competitions on cultural diversity and freedom

POSTED: 02/4/13 2:30 PM

St. Maarten – Beyond Writing Foundation will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. President Loekie Morales said in a press release that the foundation’s year plan of activities is ready and that BWF will execute several projects designed to enhance reading, writing and storytelling for the youth.
Performing arts for the youth and adults is one way of storytelling and will get more attention this year. BWF will start its activities with conducting a competition of Plays on ‘Cultural Diversity’ (the assets thereof) and a Writing competition on ‘Freedom’.
Schools, non-governmental organizations and private organizations can participate in the competitions.

The competition of a play of at most 20 minutes will be about ‘Multi cultural society/Cultural diversity’. The play idea has to be send to beyondwriting@hotmail.com before February 8. The 3 plays with the best ideas will be selected to perform. The performances will take place on March 23 in the Philipsburg Cultural Center. Each participant will get $200 as support for buying clothing/material for the play. A jury consisting of people within the field of culture and performing arts will select the best play. The winner will get a price of $300.
This is the year wherein we will celebrate 150 years of the abolition of slavery. To commemorate this historical fact BWF is conducting a poem writing competition. The theme of the poems is ‘Freedom’. Children and young adults till 21 years old can participate. What kind of freedom flavors do we experience and what does freedom really means nowadays?
Submit poems about freedom per email to beyondwriting@hotmail.com before the deadline of February 15.

Submissions require name and age, the organization’s name and a telephone number. Some of these poems can be recited during the Kids Night Out of March 16. The best poems will be published in a book later this year.
For information call 556 27 35.

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