Wrapping up Summer Speaks

POSTED: 07/27/11 1:23 PM

St. Maarten – The final showcase of the annual poetry event Summer Speaks will be held tonight at Taloulah Mango. The event’s founder and organizer Lysanne Charles is extremely proud of how the event developed over the previous two nights and is looking forward to finishing up Summer Speaks 2011 with a bang.
“This year I really think that everyone felt a positive rush of energy and excitement during and after each show. The poets really showed up each night and we were able to offer performances in between the poetry also, so that also established a different vibe. It shows that the event is growing and more importantly that as artists and performers the poets are growing as well,” Charles said.
The final night of poetry features a full line-up of poets including Giovanni “Gino” Olivacce, Jurnice Richardson, Lucinda “La Rich” Audain, Peter Lake, Anderson Percival, Marianne Telft, Roberto Arrindell, Lorenzo “Sigma” Gomez, Lenworth Wilson, Charles herself and Stephan “Stretch” Rodney. Rodney will also be launching his CD ‘Music N Poetry’ and will be performing several of his songs and spoken word pieces. He will be accompanied by the local band House Appliances. Free copies of the album will be distributed throughout the show.
“This year we really wanted to step it up a bit and I think we have more than done so. Much of the efforts came from the poets themselves, who came with creative ideas about how we could do things differently. Stretch for example really wanted to launch his CD during the event and did all he could to make that happen, so I thank him for that. Anyone who has listened to him perform knows that he brings quality work to the podium, so this performance is going to be a blast,” Charles said.
All proceeds from this year’s Summer Speaks will go toward establishing a foundation to organize and operate the poetry events Summer Speaks, Winter’s Words and the upcoming Soualigan Fire, which is expected to be launched shortly.
“As a poet I can see the importance of self-expression, especially the use of words to explore and understand situations, realities, etc, which is why events like Summer Speaks must continue and must also be introduced to younger people so that they too can benefit from it,” Charles said.
Charles said that Summer Speaks, which is now in its third year, would not have been possible without the continued support of Clara Reyes of Imbali Center for Creative Movement.
“Clara believes that the arts are transformative and that spoken word and poetry, as part of the world of arts, has the ability to shake people up, make them think, make them interact with their world differently. From day one she has supported every effort and encouraged both myself and the poets to take it to even higher levels, so I want to take this opportunity to thank her. I also want to thank Norman and Su Wathey of Taloula Mango and their staff for being welcoming hosts and providing a beautiful Caribbean backdrop for the event,” Charles said.
Charles is encouraging all persons interested in poetry, spoken word and music to come out and listen to the poets and the band at Taloula Mango, Wednesday, July 27 at 7:30pm. Tickets are available at Imbali Center for Creative Movement, Van Dorp, Pete’s Photo and by calling Charles at 586-1266 and cost $15. Tickets can also be purchased at the venue at show time.

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