Workshop integrity vision on Friday

POSTED: 11/22/11 7:19 AM

St. Maarten (DCOMM) – As part of the government’s integrity project the BAK (Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations) organizes the first integrity vision meeting for key stakeholders this coming Friday.
The workshop’s main goal is to formulate a vision on integrity within the Government. This will be the basis for an Integrity Policy document.
Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams is pleased with the progress and says that the vision meeting is a key part of the process.
Diana Pearl Hendrickson-Flemming of HPS Consulting will give the workshop; she has invited Bart Hofstee of Amsterdam’s Integrity Bureau as a speaker for the event.
Hofstee has also been asked to give a presentation to the Council of Ministers. The invited stakeholders are the Secretary Generals and department heads with defined integrity tasks and responsibilities, the General Audit Chamber and the Ombudsman.
After the workshop HPS will deliver a draft vision document to the department of Home and Kingdom Relations, before it goes to the Council of Ministers for approval.
The document should reflect the stakeholders’ collective view on integrity, St. Maarten’s goal, vision and ambition, and the available options for integrity management and organization.
In March 2011, the government singed the financial agreement for the highly anticipated Integrity Policy with Usona, after the Council of Ministers approved the project in December of last year.

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