Work resumes on Seventh Day Adventist School soon

POSTED: 06/12/12 12:49 PM

A view of the incomplete new building at the Seventh Day Adventist School in Cole Bay and a part of the current structure and school yard. 

St. Maarten – Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Affairs Silveria Jacobs confirmed on Monday that construction work will reconvene soon on the two classrooms and gym at the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) School. The minister will not commit to the work being finished on time for start of the new school year but she’s pledged that every effort is being made to ensure that it takes the shortest possible time.

The project’s contractor began to face logistical problems. Work came to a standstill because there was no money to pay for materials to complete the pavement and roofing. A reliable source told the Today Newspaper that the contractor “had some bad luck and mishaps” which affected the flow of work. His situation has been considered unlike that of the M. Genevieve De Weever School, though. Construction work there was interrupted on several occasions because of grievances by several contractors.

Dutch funding agency Usona finances the extension of the SDA School. The agency’s director in St. Maarten Angela Dekker said Monday that they are not responsible for construction work being delayed at the school. She did confirm though that a solution had been found for earlier challenges and that the contractor is now sourcing material to complete the buildings.

Chairman of the school’s board Alvin Connor has declined to comment on the issue.


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