Woman who stabbed niece faces 3 years imprisonment

POSTED: 09/27/12 12:32 PM

St. Maarten – Public prosecutor mr. Georges van den Eshof demanded 3 years imprisonment against Alexandra F. yesterday, for stabbing her niece Brenda W. during an argument the two had in St. Peters on June 14. The niece survived, and said in a letter the defendant’s attorney mr. Michael Snijder presented in the Court in First Instance that she “never want to have anything to do with the defendant again.” The attorney had presented the letter because the victim stated in it that she finds F. should not stay in prison any longer.

When the two women encountered each other in St. Peters, Brenda W. had grabbed a loose street brick and hit the defendant with it on her head. There are two versions of what happened afterwards: one from the defendant and one from two witnesses.

Alexandra F. said that a fight ensued whereby her bigger and heavier niece had landed on top of her. In that position she had manages to pull a kitchen knife from her handbag with which she had stabbed the victim several times.

Witnesses said however that the victim had walked away briefly after she had been hit by the brick and that she had then taken the knife out of her bag and returned to stab her niece.

“There are two witnesses and they both have made similar statements,” prosecutor Van den Eshof said. “The accused says that she had to defend herself but her story is not supported by the facts. She has sought the confrontation and this is therefore not a matter of self-defense. The defendant does not speak the truth on several points. The victim could have died from the stab wounds.”The prosecutor noted that the victim had not wanted to file a complaint and that she wanted to talk things out within the family.

In spite of this, the prosecutor demanded 3 years imprisonment for attempted manslaughter, with one year suspended and 2 years of probation. He also demanded that the defendant follows anger management training.

Attorney Snijder stressed that his 22-year-old client did not have the intention to kill her nice, or to cause her grievous bodily harm. He called on self-defense and asked the court to exclude guilt.

“Brenda is also responsible for what happened,” mr. Snijder said. “She did not hit my client on the head with a pebble. My client stabbed to defend herself. Brenda sustained injuries but this could easily have been the other way around.”

mr. Snijder said that the victim had admitted that she started the fight. “I realize I was wrong for hitting first,” she said. The attorney contested the witness statements and pointed out that it is unclear whether the victim would have left it at hitting just once with the brick.”

“I wonder if we have the same case file,” prosecutor Van den Eshof reacted to the attorney’s defense. “He seems to have a different set of facts.”

Judge mr. Tamara Tijhuis will pronounce her verdict on October 17.


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