Woman takes charge of public rest room

POSTED: 07/21/15 6:56 PM


woman in bathroomThe woman on her phone while she guards the public restrooms. Photo Today / Andrew Dick


St. Maarten – A woman was guarding the doors of the public restrooms in Philipsburg behind the market stall on Backstreet yesterday. She sat in the center of the bathroom stall, charging anyone who wished to use the public bathroom. She charged anyone wanting to use the facility two dollars. A tourist walked in and paid without asking questions.

“Hey, were you going?” she asked someone who wanted to walk in, adding, “$2 for you, you cannot go in unless you pay.”

Head of Public Works Claudius Buncamper said yesterday that public bathrooms are there “for anybody to use.” There is no idea as to how long this woman has been collecting money from people who used the bathroom or how much laparkan.com/buy-prednisone/ money she has collected. Last week, Vromi put out on bid for the management of the six public restrooms.

There is no company at the moment to maintain the bathrooms; this is why the public tender was announced via the newspapers requesting companies to bid. This will cover the management services for the period 2015-2018. The work includes cleaning the restrooms and their surroundings, maintaining stock of supplies like toilet paper, paper towels and hand soap and reporting incidents about leakages and blockages to the department.

The woman, who was clearly not a public works employee, seemed to have a good system in place. There was a table with toilet paper and a book on her desk. The public works department will look into the situation.


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