Woman faces stiff sentence for causing fatal accident

POSTED: 01/17/13 11:27 AM

St. Maarten – The prosecution demands a stiff sentence against a 59-year-old woman who allegedly caused a fatal traffic accident on Coralita Road on March 21 of last year that cost 22-year old Genrick Reid his life.

Cynthia Agatha F.-R. is facing an 8-month conditional prison sentence with 2 years of probation and 150 hours of community service. The prosecution also wants to take away her driver’s license for 2 years, though 1 year of this part of the punishment is conditional. If the court sentences the woman accordingly on February 6, it means that she won’t be allowed to drive a car for one year.

Prosecutor Dounia Benammar said that no form of punishment will bring the victim back to his loved ones. “But the defendant has to take responsibility for what happened and I have not heard anything about that today. She has expressed no remorse and the family has had to wait for a long time for compensation for the funeral costs.”

The prosecutor concluded that the woman was guilty of “considerable careless driving” and of driving away after the accident.

On that fateful day, the defendant had been to a prayer meeting. She was, as she told the court, “minding her own business and thinking about the things she had to do” when she was driving at 30 kilometers per hour over the Coralita Road. She never saw the victim, who was walking through the grass alongside the road together with a friend. When the car hit him from behind, he was thrown backwards on the hood, against the windshield, before he was catapulted over the vehicle’s roof into the ditch next to the road. He broke his neck and drowned.

The defendant said in court that she never saw the two young men and that she initially thought someone had thrown a rock against her windshield.

“I do not think you did this on purpose,” prosecutor Benammar said, but there is no doubt that Reid fell unconscious because of the collision and that he drowned because of it.”

The prosecutor said that the defendant had committed two traffic violations. Firstly, tire tracks show that she had driven her car off the road, and secondly, she did not see the victim, while she should have seen him. The accident happened in the middle of a sunny afternoon while there was no other traffic around.

Attorney Rogers said that his client is grieving, that she has remorse and that she also has made contact with the victim’s sister. “She was not distracted by anything,” Rogers said. “this is the first time ever my client had an accident. She is known as a very slow driver and she was not on the phone when this happened.”

mr. Rogers contested that the victim could have sustained the injuries he had from a car driving at just 340 kilometers an hour. He said that the prosecutor’s demand for an 8-month conditional sentence is excessive and that taking her driver’s license away for a year is harsh.


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