Woman calypsonian challenges male dominance in calypso

POSTED: 03/30/15 12:28 PM

St. Maarten –  Z’Haria Richardson, a.k.a. “Zee” is among three women who will be competing in the calypso eliminations this Saturday– under the sobriquet of Calypso Empress– along with two other females.

The other two female competitors are Lady Tiffany and Shakiya. The 2015 calypso elimination is scheduled to be held at the Celebration Palace on Bush Road. Calypso Empress makes her debut in the calypso competition with a song called “Not just a man thing” in which she makes it clear to the male calypsonians that calypso is not restricted to men. In her song she admits that “it’s only men who have won the crown” but there is nothing wrong with a woman winning the crown. She warns Fish the Mega Boss and Young Calix, the reigning calypso king, who in their renditions last year chastised Roxy for placing first runner up in the 2013 competition, “this year I am on the stage, so prepare all you selves for licks”.

Fish and Young Calix cautioned Roxy about trespassing in a male dominated art form and that no mercy would be shown to her for being a lady. “If you expect to be treated like a lady, then you should sign up in the queen show” were among some of the lines expressed to Roxy in their renditions. Calypso Empress is prepared to challenge all of these ideas on Saturday.

Calypso Empress enters the calypso competition with confidence. She dedicates her song to the deceased Calypso Barbara and Lady Sha in anticipation of becoming the first female calypso monarch.

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