WITU keen to address status of women in education

POSTED: 09/22/14 1:28 PM

St. Maarten – The status of women in education is one of the agenda points carded for the seventh World Teachers’ Conference in Canada in July 2015 and head of the local teachers union Claire Elshot said she is eager to channel questions via the WITU women committee. The rights of gays in education will also be discussed at the 2015 conference.

“On St. Maarten, women are the key in primary and early education and also in high school. The local teaching work force is made up of predominantly women so it will be interesting to know some of the issues that will be put forward,” Elshot told members of the media.

In preparation for the 2015 conference, education international is currently conducting an online survey to give educators the opportunity to answer questions on issues affecting them. These issues according to Elshot will be discussed during the conference and resolutions put in place to improve the working conditions of the educators. The online survey must be completed by October 24th.

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WITU keen to address status of women in education by

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