Wilson satisfied with team effort at CAC Games

POSTED: 09/24/12 11:47 AM

St. Maarten – At the conclusion of the 40th CAC Games that were held over the weekend in Puerto Rico, a few athletes were able to secure podium positions and place St Maarten in the sporting headlines.

The delegation which was headed by Martin Wilson, president of the St Maarten Bodybuilding & Fitness Association returned home yesterday afternoon to a not so warm welcome.

In her first outing as a bodybuilder at the CAC level, Maudienne Profas teamed up with Emmanuel , ‘Mano’ Richardson and finished in the second place in the pairs competition and she was 5th in the bodybuilding competition.

Elias Jones who was third in the local championships which took place two weeks ago also finished among the top six in the super heavy weight category. Desmond Patterson was among the top six in the heavy/super heavy weight division, Richardson was sixth in the middle weight division but Cleo Carti was not among the top six in the fitness category this year.

Again, the small island was well represented when one considers that 23 countries participated in the annual event and at any given time, at least 10 to 12 athletes competed for the top six spots.

“After seeing the competition my athletes were up against, I am totally satisfied because we qualified among the top six in the middle weight, heavy weight and super heavy weight category and the mixed pairs segment,” Wilson said.

“It was a good experience, I was able to see that I was not the only big one there, the others were huge or even bigger. My condition was great, but maybe I had to be a little dryer and stick to my zero carb diet at three weeks before a competition,” Patterson said.  “To move from fitness to bodybuilding was not easy, but I was in the best shape of my life for that competition,” said Profas.

“The whole team did great, this was my first time in the CAC competition. However I have to make the necessary adjustments for the next competition. I need to put on a little more size and coming from welter weight to middle weight, I think that I was outstanding to compete along with some bigger guys in my class,” Richardson noted.

For now, it’s back to the gyms for the athletes. However, Wilson hopes that St Maarten will have the pleasure of hosting a CAC Games in 2015 or 2016, which a long time from now. However as an island that is embarking on sports tourism, the ground work has to be done as early as possible.

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