Wilson Jr. declares candidacy for St. Maarten 2014 Elections – “We are a sinking ship”

POSTED: 03/12/13 10:57 AM

Rene Wilson Jr.St. Maarten- The campaign season has already started and social activist Rene Koto Wilson Jr. will be transitioning from social commentary to politicking. Today understands that the St. Peters resident plans to contest the 2014 General Elections as part of a new political party with socialist ideals. It comprises many of the grassroots St. Maarteners and very few political veterans but is not entirely devoid of the old brooms that know the corners.

When contacted last week, Wilson Jr. declined to give the name or color his new party until the official manifesto is launched. However he did confirm that it would be a movement of people who are fed up of “corrupt politicians.”

The airport employee became incensed when he was asked to describe St. Maarten’s current political landscape. At the time of his comments, the scandal involving Independent Member of Parliament Patrick Illidge and bribery allegations was not yet in the public domain.
“Corrupt former commissioners, now ministers and parliamentarians are getting away with a lot. But the people are no longer sitting back and taking it. We are calling on the National Detectives and the Prosecutors Office to open a case against all of them. We the electorate is the boss of everybody, we can hire and fire. We are demanding that the Prosecutors Office act like a Prosecutor’s Office, otherwise when this new government that I am apart of takes office, we will remove everybody. Holland will have to come to a new agreement with St. Maarten because prosecutors and everybody will have to first be screened before they can work here. We will bring down all the corruption here no matter who you are. St. Maarten needs to be a country where everyone can live at the same standard,” Wilson Jr. said.
He boasted that the makeup of his party will be different from the traditional ones and will, for the first time, truly represent all of St. Maarten including foreigners who share its ideals.
“Our party is in the making and we are wishing for each neighborhood to appoint a person to represent them on this new party.  That way all neighborhoods will be respected and protected and you will have a more functional government that deals with social issues and not building tunnels and other crazy things that have nothing to do with the movement and forwarding of the people of this country.”
Wilson Jr. was clear that his new party may not wait until next year’s election to make a strong statement.
“It might be before, because we may very well call for the removal of this government. We are asking the people of St. Maarten to stand up for their rights. If we call on them to move and they don’t want to move, then the people will mobilize and we are going to take industrial action as the next stand. They will have to bring in the military and the King because we have had enough.
It’s too much biases, this person gets away while that one gets locked up.”
The aspiring politician was asked what would make himself and party different from the others that contested previous elections. Why should the people trust him?
“One thing I learn from my father is that a man can only make promises to a fool. A man who takes action is different and people can clearly see I take action. I don’t back-down from no one, I always expose whatever needs to exposed. A government is supposed to protect the people not go against them,” he responded.
Koto as he is more affectionately called has reasoned that consecutive governments are only concerned about investors, and have shown no regard for educational advancements in the society.
“They don’t care if the children graduate. They don’t care anything about this economy. Have you seen a plan where the government select 20 St. Maarteners and sends them away to study at the highest levels to come back to assume key positions immediately? No, because they want to keep people oppressed with the lack of education. But when you meet smart people like me, you will get a standoff. Now it is not only me that’s smart but the eyes of thousands of St. Maarteners are opening now.”
He lamented the increasing gas prices, inadequate controls and the lack of new policies to control food prices as well as the absence of legislation to protect local people.
“All they are doing is fooling the people and playing a cat and mouse game. What is the plan for the youths? Where all of the monies from Usona and other funding agencies have been going? We have not seen the seniors and poor people benefiting.”
Social issues and homeland security are two of the main concerns of the still unnamed party.
” If this country was as great as they say because of the harbor and the airport, then why are we still borrowing money from Holland? We are not doing good, we are a sinking ship and we need to save ourselves before everyone go down.”
Wilson Jr. said if he should get into either the executive or legislative branches of government he would directly focus on the Ministry of Vromi.
“Vromi needs to learn how to cut cost and also stop illegal activity because of the lack of controls. We need a lot of infrastructure such as lights, zebra crossings and road signs.”
He also said that his party is currently studying several documents that were made available to it last month and will certainly be proposing proper screening of ministers as part of its manifesto.
“We need proper screening, no fake screening. We are researching laws and everything that was illegal. They lie to us for too long and now we will take to the streets. I guarantee there will be uproar here.”
If his push to get into government gains the confidence of the electorate, Wilson Jr. has committed to championing the cause of integrity.
“If the head of a country is crooked the entire society at the bottom will also be crooked. Politicians whether black or white should do the time when they commit crimes, no political immunity.
We want to know if the prosecutor is working for or against the people. It seems like only black people he is targeting and people of poor character. Anybody that is big position or in government, he is not doing nothing we can see it from many of the cases. Shigemoto went to jail, he called sick and came out, Laveist got sentenced and supposed to be banned for 3 years, yet he still is in Parliament.  All of the illegal things are still going on with poor people.
It is a biased justice system going on here and we can’t tolerate it anymore,” he concluded.


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