Wilsoe refuses to be punished for helping

POSTED: 06/21/11 1:18 PM

St. Maarten – Curacao’s Justice Minister Elmer Wilsoe has given further and specific details of his bills to both St. Maarten’s Justice Minister Roland Duncan and Dutch Minister of Justice and Security Ivo Opstelten. The bills are for the cost of housing prisoners from St. Maarten and Bonaire, but the Justice Ministers have not given a firm commitment to pay.

“I immediately returned the bill to its home address and we had an excellent meeting where we also discussed the regulation on detention capacity. We had no discussion on the execution of that bill as I will have to await an advice of the Public Prosecution,” Opstelten said.

Duncan said the partners are bound to follow the Cooperation Agreement and that St. Maarten is willing to cooperate, but stressed that the key point is how parties treat each other. Duncan is on record that he also plans to bill Wilsoe for the six prisoners from Curacao that are here in St. Maarten.

The bills Wilsoe handed out covers the period January 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011. For St. Maarten it concerns 12 prisoners and for the Dutch it is 22 prisoners from Bonaire. The daily cost for each prisoner is 180 guilders. That would make St. Maarten’s total bill 390, 960 guilders and the Dutch government’s bill 716, 760 guilders.

Wilsoe has also urged Duncan and Opstelten to remove prisoners from St. Maarten and Bonaire who committed crimes on those islands and were tried on those islands from Bon Futuro because they’ve announced they’ll be taking him to court over the right to have visits from their family member. He also wants them to be removed so he can shuffle around prisoners during planned renovations.

“Right now I am helping these other two islands and I am being punished for it. It cannot be that I am punished for helping, including by the European Union Committee on the Prevention of the Torture (CPT),” Wilsoe said.


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