Wiels organizes protest against Central Bank bond issue

POSTED: 04/24/12 12:04 PM

WILLEMSTAD—Hundreds of people protested against the intention of the Central Bank Board to grant a loan for the Sint Maarten Harbor Group of companies, political leader Helmin Wiels told reporters on Saturday. Wiels called his followers and the community at large to protest and prevent the meeting to take place. He called all those members who were planning to vote in favor traitors, especially Marcia Illidge whom he constantly reminded that she was living and working in Curacao. Sint Maarten should not get the (bond) loan simply because it will be an assault on the Curacao tax payers, Wiels said. He also called the board to dismiss Central Bank president Emsley Tromp, whom protesters nicknamed E.T.

There was no violence involved but new member Robert Pietersz was booed while entering the bank. No member of the bank was available for a comment about the meeting, but sources suggested that the agenda point about the bond issue was halted pending investigation. Apparently no decision was taken about Tromp’s position.

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Wiels organizes protest against Central Bank bond issue by

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