Wiels furious about governor’s decision

POSTED: 09/26/12 12:14 PM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao —Pueblo Soberano is furious about the decision by Governor Frits Goedgedrag to start talks about an interim government. Political leader Helmin Wiels called his followers last night for a strategy meeting. Wiels said during a television interview that the decision is politically motivated and illegal because the Governor already signed a decree for an interim government in August, dissolving the parliament and calling new elections. In any case the PS ministers are not planning to resign because the decision is unconstitutional, Wiels said.

According to Wiels Holland is behind what he called the ‘evil’ plan to unseat the current government. Immediately after the decision was announced, he said he would march to the Governor’s palace to demand his immediate resignation.

Pueblo Soberano deliberated last night about the next steps against the decision. Prime Minister Schotte said he was disappointed by the decision and already aired an ad in which he calls the people to give his party enough votes on October 19 to save the democracy. Schotte announced last night after a meeting in the Council of Ministers that he will not cooperate with the governor’s plan. After studying all the necessary law-articles Schotte concluded that the decision if “definitely unconstitutional.”

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Wiels furious about governor’s decision by

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