Wiels did not go through “Dutch screening”

POSTED: 11/18/13 1:10 PM

THE HAGUE – The claim by Curacao’s Minister Plenipotentiary Marvelyne Wiels that she has been screened before her appointment by the Netherlands is nonsense, Socialist Party Parliamentarian Ronald van Raak said on Friday.

“I heard her say that but it is really complete nonsense. The Netherlands cannot and it is not allowed to do that,” Van Raak said.

He does not excludes that employees of the intelligence service AIVD spoke with Wiels, but that must of then have been at the request of the intelligence service in Curacao. “NO matter how you look at it, this has been a Curacaolenean investigation. You cannot call that screening by the Netherlands.”

Van Raak agrees with Prime Minister Ivar Asjes that one cannot reproach Wiels for not finishing her education or that she did not hold a top position. “You do not need an academic title to be a good minister of plenipotentiary. But this matter is about the fact that Mrs. Wiels has lied about her education and her career. People that commit fraud do not belong in the Kingdom Council of Ministers where very sensitive and confidential dossiers are discussed.”

Minister Stef Blok said last week in parliament that the Dutch government has nothing to say about the appointment of minister plenipotentiary by the autonomous country Curacao. “The countries determine whom they appoint for that position,” Blok said.

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