Wiels calls for Jamaloodin’s resignation

POSTED: 05/31/11 11:35 AM

“Why has no one arrested Tromp?”

Curacao – Leader of the second largest party in Curacao’s governing coalition, Helmin Wiels of Pueblo Soberano, has called for Finance Minister George “Jorge” Jamaloodin to resign for “once again falling into disrepute.” Wiels has also called Jamaloodin the weakest link in the Schotte cabinet but faction leader of the Movement for Curacao’s Future (MFK) Dean Rozier has hit back saying that calling for Jamaloodin’s resignation is not Wiels’ place.
Wiels has called for Jamaloodin to resign because he has been accused by Director of the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten Emsley Tromp of trying to influence the process to appoint a “house bank” for the Government of Curacao. According to Tromp’s statement Jamaloodin told Giro Bank Director Eric Garcia that his bank would get the contract if Garcia hired Speedy Security to handle its money transport. This is not the first time Jamaloodin has landed in trouble.
“Not so long ago he was discredited because of the screening of ministers. And now he’s involved with another problem. He would never have threatened Tromp in a telephone call. Who does such a thing? You know that all calls are recorded with Tromp? He has no idea of the responsibility he bears. His performance leaves much to be desired. Look at his last appearance in Parliament. He was not able to answer questions from Members of Parliament,” Wiels said.
Though he’s calling for a resignation Wiels said the MFK is the one who would need to proceed with the matter if the minister does not stand down. But Rozier has made it clear things won’t go any further.
“He will not have to go. Wiels is not Jamaloodin’s boss and if Wiels thinks he is so strong, let him bring this to Parliament,” Rozier said.
Though he’s called for Jamaloodin to go, Wiels remains confident in the other cabinet ministers named in the scandal – Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte and Minister of Economic Affairs Nasseer El Hakim.
“We knew from the beginning that Tromp is a dark and sinister figure and that’s showing now. He is cornered and will come out with all sorts of accusations. But why is he only now talking about this? Why has he not gone to the Public Prosecutor before? The fact remains that Tromp did something that is not be acceptable,” Wiels said.
He added, “He is a supervisor and should be of good character. So he’s become too controversial to continue. An investigation was started against Ramonsito Booi for 2.9 million guilders. Why has no one arrested Tromp?”

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