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POSTED: 08/12/13 12:11 PM
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Wiebers and his companion Marsha pose for a photograph in the elevator before going up to the room where they would adopt the life styles of a millionaire as the second winners of the ‘Live Like a Millionaire Promotion.’ Photo Today/Milton Pieters

St. Maarten – Winning is not everything when it comes to gambling in the game of lotto but thanks to Caribbean Lotto, Eddy Wiebers, is the second person who earned a chance to ‘Live Like a Millionaire’ for two days.

In November of 2012, Maria Cappellan became the first lucky winner of the ‘Live Like a Millionaire’ promotion after submitting three none winning tickets which was placed in a box and was drawn live on radio.

In the most recent drawing which took place on SOS Radio on July 26th, the ticket Wiebers submitted was the lucky one among thousands of entries which surpassed the entries from the first drawing in 2012.

“A lot of people were disappointed that they did not get lucky with the last big jackpot which was drawn during the month of June, but with this promotion, at least one person has a chance to experience what it feels like to live like a millionaire for two days,” said Paula Williams.

But the news for Wiebers was quite unexpected according to Williams. “He was just finished telling his co workers that it would have been nice for him to get a massage when he got the message. He thought it was a practical joke,” Williams said.

In the traditional celebrity life style of a millionaire, Wiebers and his female companion was picked up by Mr Biggs Limousine Services outside his Front Street apartment shortly after two o’clock yesterday afternoon and driven to the Sonesta Maho Hotel & Resort to begin his weekend stay.

After sipping some champagne, compliments of the hotel, they were directed where to find their suite which had a view of the ocean and the airport. But it was not the first time Wiebers has spent time in a hotel, but it’s a first for him at Maho and also the first time in a limousine. According to Wiebers, he has been playing lotto for most of his life, but this is his biggest reward and he intended to enjoy it.

“I was very surprised when I was told that I was the lucky winner, we would normally submit losing tickets as a group at my work place. But somebody told me to do one by myself and I sent it in,” he said.

While there, Wiebers and his female companion will be expected to enjoy all the amenities the hotel has to offer and that includes fine dining with breakfast, lunch and dinner. But even when the stay comes to an end just after lunch on Sunday, Wiebers and his companion would have experienced the lifestyle of the rich and famous.




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