WIB introduces BSURE Insurance

POSTED: 11/5/14 9:37 AM

The Windward Islands Bank Ltd Insurance department through its partnership with Maduro & Curiel’s Bank Insurance Services (MCIS) introduced BSURE as a new easier, faster, competitively priced-online insurance for the community.

The launch of this insurance product started with a BSURE motorcade in the Philipsburg area throughout Philipsburg ending at the WIB’s Main office building to introduce its newest insurance product followed by a social event with Control Band.  The Motorcade included the Caribbean Eagle Bikers, Car dealers (F.W. Vlaun & Sons, Caribbean Auto, Motorworld, St. Martin Cars and the Rooster double decker bus). BSURE promo girls were seen by various pedestrians and merchants where they were given BSURE thunderstix and car freshener’s.

“WIB once more has demonstrated that even in the insurance field WIB will always be your partners in progress. WIB Insurance Service has made insurance easier, understanding, and fun for one and all, with the introduction of the new insurance BSURE. In a nice atmosphere along with management, colleagues, invited guests, public and the press, WIB has introduced a different type of insurance that offers travel, home, content and car.” Elaine Patrick, Manager at WIB Insurance Services gave words of congratulations and a short speech about BSURE product, and introduced Eric Erkelens, manager of MCIS, who gave a complete presentation of BSURE that included print advertisements and TV commercials. .

BSURE is an insurance that WIB clients can purchase online that makes it easier to calculate the premium online before closing. Persons can do this by visiting www.bsurestmaarten.com or at any preferred WIB branch. “This makes the application for BSURE much easier and faster for clients.” This insurance also offers clients the possibility of making monthly payments. BSURE also offers a special card that “fits into your pocket” and can be used as proof of insurance.



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