POSTED: 07/28/16 4:20 PM

Will Dutch politicians – and MP Ronald van Raak in particular – ever learn? The good gentleman fired an astonishing sixty questions about the gaming industry in Curacao to the minister of Kingdom Relations, only to receive the predictable answer: supervision of this industry is the prerogative of the government and the prosecutor’s office in Curacao.

It seems that the only purpose of these questions is to put the islands in a bad spot. Van Raak knows darn well that the islands do not have the capacity to tackle all the problems their governments have to deal with.

We do not live in a perfect world, not in Willemstad, not in Philipsburg, and not in The Hague either. So there will always be something to grumble about but that has never resulted in solutions.

Van Raak has said on more than one occasion that he wants to help the people on the islands, but it is hard to see what exactly he has done over the past couple of years to achieve anything for them.

Criticizing is easy and unfortunately, this is something Van Raak is very good at. Seldom do we hear about a solution, or it must be his hobby horse called Commonwealth.

Van Raak and his buddy André Bosman want to get rid of the islands but the islands will only go their own way once they are ready for it.

In the meantime ignoring the whining from The Hague sounds like a good idea.

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