“When Europe sneezes, the Caribbean might catch a cold”

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wwwArduin in Barcelona

From left to right: Dr. Nilda Arduin, Günther Kräuter (Secretary General IOI, Austria), Diane Welborn (Vice Chair IOI, Ohio, USA), Otiendo Amollo (Ombudsman Kenya), Maria Bueyo Diez (Ombudsman La Rioja, Italy). Photo contributed

Ombudsman Arduin in Barcelona

St. Maarten News – Ombudsman Dr. Nilda Arduin attended a workshop in Barcelona organized by the International Ombudsman Institute last month, entitled: Human Rights Challenges Now the Ombudsman facing threats. The Office of the Catalan Ombudsman hosted the event.

The workshop brought Ombudsmen from Europe, Africa, Latin American and the Caribbean to one table to discuss the contemporary challenges that human rights are facing and the important role Ombudsman institutions play in this context. In four thematic sessions topical matters such as the ongoing refugee and migration crisis, the growing security dilemma or the issue of Ombudsmen acting under threat, were tackled in more detail.

Dr. Arduin was invited to provide a presentation for one of these sessions, representing the Latin America and Caribbean region. Dr. Arduin spoke on the topic: “Ombudsmen under threat”. With regard to issues of freedom and security caused in particular in Europe as a result of migration and acts of terrorism, she requested attention for lessons learned from history, the consequences still felt today in the Latin American and Caribbean region as a result of the forced migration during the Transatlantic Slave Trade between Europe, Africa and the so called New World. She implored upon her colleagues to think globally in defense of freedom of all people against measures to secure European borders, and sensitize policy and lawmakers to consider the effects of measures taken in Europe might have on their former colonies in the Caribbean. She argued that when Europe sneezes, the Caribbean might catch a cold. The full text of the presentation can be read on the website: www.ombudsmansxm.com. Dr. Arduin is one of the directors of the Latin America and Caribbean Region represented on the IOI board.

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