Weitenberg resigns as Cft president

POSTED: 09/6/11 2:12 PM

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – Prof. drs. Hans Weitenberg has notified Minister Donner of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations that due to health problems, he resigns as president of the Board of Financial Supervision Cft.

Professor Weitenberg started out in 2007 as president when the Cft supervised the public finances of Bonaire, Statia and Saba. In 2008 Curacao and Sint Maarten followed. After the constitutional change two new boards of financial supervision emerged- one for the BES-islands, and one for St. Maarten and Curacao. On October 10 of last year Weitenberg assumed the presidency of both.

“Professor Weitenberg managed to build up Cft, which was controversial at its start, to an authoritative institution. Because of his material knowledge of public finances and his love for and involvement in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, Weitenberg soon became a respected and appreciated supervisor. His integrity and fairness made him an unquestioned person for all parties in the Kingdom. This eased the way for Cft to develop into a completely independent institute that stands above all parties,” the Cft stated in a press release.

Cft Curaçao and Sint Maarten consists now of Margo Vliegenthart (for the Netherlands),. Alberto Romero (for Curacao) and Richard Gibson Sr (for St. Maarten). The Cft for the BES-islands consists currently of Max Pandt (for the BES islands) and Margo Vliegenthart. The Kingdom Council of Ministers shall decide shortly on a new Cft president.

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