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POSTED: 05/9/12 2:03 PM

WILLEMSTAD – The Dutch Caribbean Legal Portal (DCLP) launched its new website on Wednesday making it fully functional for law firms, legal services and news agencies in and around the Dutch Caribbean, Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten.

The site is being touted as an improvement of the former Curacao Legal Portal. Until 2007 there was no website with general information about the legal system of the Dutch Caribbean in total. This prompted a group of organizations to take the initiative for creating the Dutch Caribbean legal website. It can be accessed by typing in in any search engine.

According the DCLP “the site is aimed at national and international organizations and individuals. In order to give access to a broad audience, the language of the site is English. However it may occur that some of the laws and documents you find on the site are in Dutch, since this is the official language of Curacao.”

In a press release the DCLP went on to say that its website “has a wide variety of members and contacts within the legal areas of the Dutch Caribbean. DCLP offers a database of more than 400 legal organizations, including among others law firms, tax consultants, notaries, trusts, insurance, financial companies and other organizations in the Dutch Caribbean. In our database you will find addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and sometimes additional information of these organizations.”

DCLP offers also a database of legal documents such as laws, regulations and treaties that are currently in effect in Aruba, Curacao, The BES Islands and St. Maarten. The database of legal documents contains also judgments, the docket of the Joint Court of Justice and more. DCLP is currently updating the database of legal documents and strives to provide by the end of July 2012 a complete database of laws of the Islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

DCLP also provides on daily basis news, interviews, articles, statistics, job offerings and more by using our website, a monthly newsletter and social media. Our main purpose is to provide information to our visitors about the legal system of the Dutch Caribbean and the organizations that are working with this system.

“Obviously, this website is distinguishing, because it is the only website offering this type of information. In addition, we continuously try to expand the different fields on which information is offered and keep all the information duly updated,” the DCLP said.


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