“We don’t have Fema on speed dial like New York” – MP Douglass: situation at St. Maarten Medical Center is alarming

POSTED: 11/25/12 8:26 PM

St. Maarten – United People’s Party MP Ruth Douglass labeled the conflict between the Public Health Inspectorate and the St. Maarten Medical Center as “alarming” in a press statement. “Why is the SMMC not willing to compromise and act responsibly? To resist all efforts to improve the effective running of our only hospital is neither productive nor smart,” Douglass stated.

Approaching the situation from her perspective as a medical doctor, Douglass stated that the hospital needs to formally appoint a replacement representative for occasions when hospital Director George Scot is off island. “Since a board of one cannot be present all the time (he [Dr. George Scot – ed.] is off island two weeks out of every month) this is a no-brainer.”
Another issue that sticks out is the demand that all medical administrative data required for an adequate representation and care are placed in one location, Douglass stated. She also stated that the SMMC “has to provide a suitable plan for the prevention of infections during and after surgery.”

Douglass added that directors representing SMMC should be at all times accessible by phone. “Who else should we call when we need answers if not the person in charge?”
Furthermore the hospital needs an action plan for the emergency room, a disaster plan and a disaster awareness system, plus annual drills for the staff, the MP stated.
“I remember hearing this from a smart guy on the island: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We cannot afford to fail for lack of a plan on an island that can be hit by a hurricane, an earthquake or another natural disaster. We don’t have Fema on speed dial like New York, New Jersey and other states in the northeast of the USA.”

Douglass called the requests made by the health inspectorate reasonable. “This is how you should function unless you have an agenda to keep running a Third World hospital.”
The MP notes that going to court does not help anyone. “The hospital may be a private foundation but it is not a Kingdom on its own with one single ruler. The articles of incorporation are very clear. The SMMC board of directors should comply with them and put these issues to rest as soon as possible. Please plan to succeed because lives are at stake here. We have to minimize our failure rate.”

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“We don’t have Fema on speed dial like New York” - MP Douglass: situation at St. Maarten Medical Center is alarming by

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