Water restored in all areas

POSTED: 10/17/14 4:00 PM

St. Maarten — Water was restored to all consumers by 7.00pm, Wednesday evening, according to information from the office of disaster preparedness. Twelve water storage tanks were filled to capacity while the country’s three water plants are working full capacity to restore water to consumers.

Some challenges were faced during the course of Wednesday and resumption of water services took place in a cautious manner to avoid water leakage into the system. Customers who still have challenges with water should call Gebe emergency number 1 844 4323 213 to report the aforementioned.

In the wake of hurricane Gonzalo Gebe continues its efforts to restore power and water to all residents despite many challenges. Gebe encountered what has been described as an unsafe situation on Wednesday concerning live wires but have remedied this situation. Gebe crews have now started reconnecting households in areas that still have outages. Persons experiencing power outages are asked to call the company’s emergency number to provide information about this and their address and phone number.

Gebe continues to work to repair the national grid where current outages exist but are first addressing any potential dangers that may exist. There are several crews from Gebe that are working on addressing the situation with downed poles.

The news release also noted that cargo port operations are up and running and preparations are well underway to make the cruise facilities ready. Persons taking debris to the landfill are encouraged to be patient and wait their turn to enter the area and homeowners and businesses busy with cleanup are reminded not to dump bush or tree trimmings or other garbage/debris on top of GEBE water meters or electrical meters. This is to prevent damage to the aforementioned and outage of service to consumers.

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