“Walk the talk” Arrindell says about improving literacy

POSTED: 10/19/12 11:42 AM

St. Maarten – United Peoples Party MP Gracita Arrindell joined the sixth grade class of the Sister Borgia School on Wednesday for a 45 minute reading session in Dutch and English.
Arrindell has been volunteering for many years. During the last two as president of parliament she could not spend more time on volunteerism but she has always remained committed to social causes.
Speaking with Today, she said that she was “happy to be back to continue with the volunteer work in order to inspire others to help children with their reading and social skills.”
Arrindell read from a school prescribed textbook that described a factory in the Netherlands.
“The students repeated what I had read, listened to my pronunciation and got an understanding of the different words,” she explained.
Principal Green as well as teachers Jacky, Betty and Laura were all credited for sustaining the reading program with the parliamentarian adding that she was impressed with the abilities of the students at such tender ages.
“The school has done an excellent job in increasing the reading skills and proficiency with the volunteers. The school is still looking for more volunteers so you are good in English or Dutch take some time and invest in our kids at all schools.”
Arrindell, who on the floor of the legislative hall has always been a staunch of raising the literacy level in the country, appealed to community to get involved for the socio-economic wellbeing of the nation. She explained that while holding the office of head of the legislature she insisted that schools be given the opportunity to visit the institution and get a better understanding of the various arms of government.
“Volunteerism is a very good life experience to have and to give. You have to walk the talk, investing in our kids now at this level will be a huge payoff later in their lives and for our society,” Arrindell noted.

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“Walk the talk” Arrindell says about improving literacy by

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