VVD Alderman fined for money laundering

POSTED: 04/16/15 6:20 PM

THE HAGUE–A former alderman on Vlissingen town council has been fined €10,000 by judges in Middelburg for fiddling his travel expenses. Jacques Damen, who represented the right-wing VVD, was also given a two month suspended jail term for the fraud.

The case dates back to 2011 when Damen was appointed finance alderman on the council, a job which required him to live in the locality. Damen continued to live in the town of Leersum near Utrecht, but registered as living at a friend’s home in Vlissingen itself. Damen went on to claim €11,471 in housing and travel costs based on a move which did not take place. The VVD politician, who refused to speak during the court case, said in a written statement it had been ‘sloppy’ to say he had moved. He resigned in June 2013 for ‘health reasons’ and local councilors went to court to have the wrongly paid expenses refunded.

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VVD Alderman fined for money laundering by

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