Vromi and police join for awareness of national laws

POSTED: 04/3/13 11:52 AM

St. Maarten – During a number of controls that have been carried out by police and officials from the Ministry of Vromi, it was noticed that the management of a number of businesses, bars and restaurants, have placed objects, such as plants, flower pots, benches, chairs, umbrellas, signs etc., out in front of their businesses along the public roads.

The police would like to point out to everyone that this is not permitted without the written consent of the Minister in charge of Ministry of Vromi.
This is a breach of Article 8 (a) of the “Algemene Politie Keur Sint Maarten”.
It is stated in the article that it is prohibited, without the permission of the Minister of Vromi, to plant, place, extend, hang, fasten, expand, store, dry, ventilate and or drag absolutely anything, in, on or over the public road.

It is also advised that besides the fact that these actions are prohibited by law, this can also lead to dangerous situations. For example; bars and restaurants are placing chairs and tables within 1 meter of the roadside where traffic is passing at high speed.
It has also been observed that umbrellas are placed too close along the road and with a gust of wind; they could land on the public road.
This can cause a serious threat not only to motorists and pedestrians, but to the clients of these establishments as well.
It is for that reason, that the police in collaboration with the Ministry of Vromi will take action against these situations by enforcement of the legislation.

To start off, offenders will receive a written notice in which instructions are given to remove objects along the public roads within 7 days of the notice. Failure to do so within the given timeframe will result in the objects being removed at owner’s expense.

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