Vrijmarkt in Emilio Wilson Park

POSTED: 04/23/14 10:31 PM

St. Maarten – For the first time, and on the first King’s Day celebration, St. Maarten will see a Vrijmarkt (Free Market) where children will sell second hand articles – from clothes and books to toys and other knickknacks. “A group of enthusiast parents has come together to organize this,” says Leo Paul. “Until last year, the Queen’s birthday celebration coincided with Carnival, but now we have another date for the King’s birthday.” The event is scheduled for Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The organizers received a small subsidy from the office of the Dutch Representative. “Participation in the event is completely free,” says Paul. “We use the subsidy to pay for the use of the park, and we have for all participants an orange cloth to spread on the ground to establish their wares.”

Until now, registration for the Vrijmarkt is below expectation. On the Facebook page the parents created for the event, they urged up to Monday afternoon children and parents to register. “Reserve now because based on the current number of registrations we will not be able to let this go through. That would be a pity,” one post reads.

The tradition on the Queen’s birthday has always been in the Netherlands that people were free to sell anything and everything on the street, without needing a permit. In Amsterdam, police traditionally turn a blind eye on wares (like soft drugs) for which sellers would be arrested on other days. But mostly, children are dominating these events, not only with their redundant clothing and books on sale, but also with music performances, games, and homemade food or beverages. However, according to the organizers, it is not allowed on Saturday to sell food or beverages without a permit, though participants are free to bring food and drinks for their own consumption.

To reserve a spot in the park, email to vrijmarktsxm@hotmail.com or go to Facebook (Vrijmarkt sxm) for more information. The page only shows up with a space between Vrijmarkt and sxm.


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  1. What a wonderful spot this is. There are lovely Flamboyant trees when in bloom are the most fantastic shades of oranges, yellows and reds.

    We have held our annual dog shows there in the past and would like to contact someone to have our dog show again this June. The location is perfect!

    Please advise as to whom I should contact