Visiting robber put away for 60 months

POSTED: 11/25/10 11:19 PM

St. Maarten – Chad Elvyn Depusoir, a 24-year-old from St. Kitts will have some time to regret his visit to St. Maarten, after the Court in First Instance sentenced him to 60 months imprisonment for his role in an armed robbery at the Cuchara Alegre Bar on October 1.
Apart from the prison sentence, Depusoir will keep other memories from that fateful day as well: a bullet in his hand and a painful operation to remove another bullet from his belly. Yesterday, the defendant appeared in court with his arm in a sling, and fully prepared to acknowledge his mistakes.
After his arrival in St. Maarten, where he wanted to find a job, Depusoir hooked up with someone who told him he was “going to pick up some money.”
The two men went to the Cuchara Alegre Bar, where Depusoir remained at the entrance with a mask covering his face and a gun to keep the patrons under control. Unfortunately for the robbers, one of the patrons was a former policeman who not only appeared to have a gun license, he was also carrying his weapon.
The robbery fell apart when the ex-coop took a shot at Depusoir, hitting him in the belly and in his hand. The defendant ran, and ended up in hospital where he was later arrested. The second robber, S., is still on the run.
“I made the decision to go with him,” Depusoir told the court. “I learned from it, it was wrong what I did. It was a stupid mistake.”
Prosecutor Mr. R. Mud considered the charge proven and remarked how unbelievably easy people like the defendant decide to go on a quest for money with a firearm. “He is visiting here and meeting somebody who says that he is going to get some money. Just like that. With hindsight the defendant claims that he was set up, but in reality he went along with a gun in his hand. This gunslinging has to stop.”
The prosecutor took into account that the defendant suffered physical consequences from the shooting, but he demanded all the same a 5-year prison sentence.
Defense attorney Mr. Z.J. Bary said the robbery was a bad plan. “It didn’t end well at all. My client could have been a dead man.” However, mr. Bary attempted to downplay her client’s role and said that there was no plan. “:He should not get punished beyond what he did.”
Prosecutor Mud maintained that he considers Depusoir a co-perpetrator, because the two robbers had specific roles: the defendant was to keep the bar visitors under control while the fugitive S. robbed them of their possessions.
Judge Mr. M. Keppels considered the charge proven and that there had been conscious and close cooperation between the two robbers. She took into account that the second robber had returned fire to the ex-cop. “That weapon was not used by you, and I keep that in mind,” she said.
The Judge accommodated the defendant by meting out his punishment in months so that he will qualify for the alien pardon regulation after he has served one third of his sentence.

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