Vesuvius-trial “Innocent bystanders were just collateral damage”

POSTED: 11/16/12 6:17 PM

St. Maarten – Omar Jones and Carlos Richardson are the main players in the Vesuvius-trial. Both men were sentenced to life imprisonment. Judge Rick Smid established that Jones was the leader of the criminal organization that committed four murders, one attempted murder and two attempted manslaughters, “in a reaction to the murder of the defendant’s brother in a rip deal.”

The Judge ruled that it is plausible that the murders took place in the context of a power struggle between two drugs gangs. About Jones, the court ruling states: “The defendant had large amounts of weapons and ammunition at his disposal. Cars were stolen and repainted. The attempted manslaughters on innocent bystanders were just collateral damage for the defendant. The murders were committed in bright daylight, one at night.

The ruling establishes that Miguel Arrindell was “the possible initiator” of the murder on Amador Jones on April 16 of last year. On May 25, a day before he was supposed to appear in court as a suspect in the Snowflake cocaine smuggling case, Arrindell was murdered in Cole Bay. “Lying down in the water Arrindell was killed with a salvo of bullets.”

The same fate awaited Arrindell’s brother Rodolfo on July 7 of last year. According to the ruling this murder was possibly committed out of revenge or as a precautionary measure “because Rodolfo supposedly brought people with him from the Dominican Republic to kill Omar.”

Judge Smid noted that the same .45 caliber pistol (“known as a man-eater”) was used for all murders. The ammunition was also identical in all cases: it fragments and spreads throughout the body.

“The attacks were thoroughly prepared by the members of the organization, who observed victims for some time to ascertain the chance of success. The organization the defendant managed was involved in the import and export of drugs. It is common knowledge that there is a link between the drugs trade and firearm possession.”
Judge Smid noted that the gang had small handguns and heavy rifles with large amounts of ammunition in its arsenal. “for the execution of the jobs cars were stolen with the greatest of ease.”

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