Vesuvius-team confiscates more firearms linked to drug-killings

POSTED: 01/23/12 6:30 PM

St. Maarten – Police searched three houses in Betty’s Estate and Wymont Hill on Thursday and confiscated three firearms, a silencer and a large amount of ammunition. The weapons were found in the house of A.O.J. who is currently detained as a suspect in the Vesuvius-investigation.
The prosecutor’s office stated in a press release it issued Friday morning that an earlier search in November of last year in the same house did not yield any results. Investigators questioned J. immediately afterwards and he admitted that he hid the weapons where they were found.
“The firearms and the ammunition will be thoroughly examined,” Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos said in the press release.

Members of the large scale investigation team that handles the Vesuvius-investigation already confiscated eleven firearms, seven kilos of cocaine and $24, 000 in cash during a search in ten different houses on November 16. Nine suspects are detained: K.D., O.J. (35), C.R. (29), E.L. (28), C.F. (36), E.M. (34), D.T. (25), A.D. (30) and K.M. (27).
The Vesuvius-team is investigating several murders that occurred between April and September of last year. The crimes are thought to be linked to a drug-related power struggle among criminals. Hector Miguel Arrindell and Rodolfo Arrindell are among the victims. The pair was suspects in the Snowflake-investigation that dealt with large scale cocaine smuggling from Colombia via St. Maarten to the Netherlands. Hector Miguel was executed on May 25, one day before he was scheduled to appear in court. His brother was murdered on July 7.

The Snowflake-trial never took place because an RST-detective deliberately antedated a police report that was part of the case file. This was reason for the court to declare the prosecution inadmissible.
Other victims of drug-related murders last year were Amador Jones (April 16), Eric Lake and Kevin Gumbs (both on August 17), Sheldon Thomas (August 19) and (most likely) Michael Sepelon (October 9).

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Vesuvius-team confiscates more firearms linked to drug-killings by

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