Verhoeven’s masterpiece comes alive at airport

POSTED: 10/18/13 3:16 PM

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Bernie Verhoeven’s winning picture displayed at the arrival hall of the Princess Juliana International Airport. Photo Today/Milton Pieters

St. Maarten / By Milton G Pieters The most striking photograph taken by a professional or an amateur that appears in a magazine or newspaper can be the conversation piece for a short period of time only, but when one is positioned in a manner where it will be the focus of attention, the subject matter can be extremely striking.

The area in the arrival hall of the Princess Juliana International Airport has now been transformed and what was once a slightly transparent partition and doors has been covered with the award winning image of a KLM Flight B747, seconds before it touched down on the run away at the airport on March 15 of last year.

That was the result of the first Aviation Photographic Competition to be held in the Caribbean which was organized by the founder of Xpress-Digital, Robert Cijntje, one of the top 15 most viewed photographers on

Bernie Verhoeven, used a Nikon D700 fitted with a 14mm lens to capture the moment was the undisputed winner and she walked away with the $2,500 cash prize and the rights to brag about her accomplishment. However, not only Verhoeven’s work will be on display at the airport.

Alain Duzant, using a Pentax K-R who had two of the six images that was selected by the experienced panel of judges will also have his images positioned strategically in the bowels of the airport along with the other three images that was selected from Dennis McBriarty, Jan Severijns and Bea Moedt.

Now anyone visiting the arrival hall of the airport will be reminded why St Maarten has the most stunning approach in the world, in this case, it’s not the writing that is on the wall, it’s an image that will forever be embedded in the minds of many.


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