Venezuelan aircraft crashes near Aruba

POSTED: 02/5/15 6:12 PM

ORANJESTAD – A sport aircraft crashed near the Aruban coast, Ariën   Rasmijn reports on Caribisch Netwerk. Several eyewitnesses saw how the plane caught fire and crashed to the southwest of the island.

Justice Minister Arthur Dowers confirmed the crash at a press conference, indicating that it had been apparently pursued by Venezuelan military airplanes. Downers could not confirm whether the plane had been shot down.

According to the minister, the Venezuelan aviation authorities have confirmed that a plane had disappeared from its radar. The radar system in Curacao shows that the plane crashed in Aruban waters. Minister Dowers confirmed that Venezuelan military planes were pursuing the sport aircraft, but that in the end they did not penetrate Aruban airspace.

The Coast Guard and the Maritime Police, assisted by the Royal Navy, sped after the alert to an area southwest of the island where they found debris, human remains and packages. Alex Kranenburg, the spokesman for the Royal Navy confirmed that the Coast Guard was assisted by helicopters and Frisk-vessels. Coast Guard spokesman Roderick Goeverneur declined to comment and referred, just like Kranenburg, to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for an official reaction.

An Angela, the spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said yesterday afternoon that he had not yet received a statement from the chief prosecutor.

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