Vehicle malfunctions and overturns

POSTED: 11/23/11 6:41 AM

St. Maarten – S.G. jumped from his moving car on Tuesday morning after the vehicle’s brakes failed while he was driving away from Monte Vista Road on the Point Blanche hillside. Failing to jump would have cost the man his life and he escaped this particular encounter with numerous bruises and a cut to his left foot.
According to the police report G. took the decision to jump after the brakes malfunctioned and then watched as the vehicle careened down the road, hit the side of the hill and overturned several times before coming to a stop on the cliff overlooking Point Blanche.
The victim, who was the only person injured, was treated on the scene by paramedics and then taken to the St. Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. The vehicle was severally damaged and had to be removed by a tow truck.

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Vehicle malfunctions and overturns by

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