Varlack launches new book in time for Book Fair

POSTED: 06/1/12 12:25 PM

St. Maarten – Patricia Varlack launched a new book called, How to gain spiritual muscles recently. The self help book is a mix of teaching and storytelling and describes how people can “rise from a state of depression, burn out and physical paralysis to a new height of a strong, stable, and sharp mind.”

Varlack compares her journey to a boxer nearly knocked out by an inferior opponent, who comes to understand some truths and rises to triumph by a knock out in just a few seconds. The chapters, which are “short and to the point” and include questions to help people to ponder what are being taught, are meant to teach different aspects of Christian power.

“It is possible to live a victorious life mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically once you know and understand the power residing in you. This captivating self-help book will capture anyone’s attention,” Varlack states in a release.

The author will be available to discuss and sign the book during the St. Martin Annual Book Fair on June 2 at the University of St. Martin.

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Varlack launches new book in time for Book Fair by

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