Vandals take things to next level at Raoul Illidge Sports Complex

POSTED: 10/9/11 10:10 PM

St. Maarten – ‘Sabotage’ is the only word that Owen Nickey, the caretaker of the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex, can use to describe the fact that someone(s) smashed the facility’s gate and drove a heavy duty vehicle on the field twice. The action could damage a grass growing project that the facility’s board and management have undertaken with aid from the private sector.
“They have to be crazy. Only a mad man would want to drive a vehicle through that gate and want to drive across the soccer field more than one time. It looks to me like somebody doesn’t like what is going on here,” Nickey said.
“When you consider that the person or persons went as far as smashing the chain on the gate and driving across the field. That could only mean that somebody wants to see the project flop, but they are not harming me. It’s the people that use the field will be affected,” Nickey added.
The sports complex was closed until further notice because of the upgrade that included removal of the original top soil, placement of new soil and the planting of Savannah grass seeds, which grow from the constant spray of water.
Thieves have broken into the canteen at the sports complex 18 times over the past two years, but no one has ever been arrested.

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Vandals take things to next level at Raoul Illidge Sports Complex by

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