Van Putten upset about plan to allow additional casinos

POSTED: 05/5/11 12:18 PM

“Government has no concern for the people”

St. Maarten – Social and political activist Eldridge van Putten reacted outraged yesterday to reports in this newspaper that the St. Maarten government has opened the door for the establishment of two more casinos. “This is unacceptable. First two more brothels, and now two more casinos,” van Putten said. “I am upset. This is giving the community more reason why the government should get out of office.”

Van Putten asserted that “the Meyers family is in the prostitution business,” and that the new policy amounts to “taking care of family business.”

“Why do we need more brothels and more casinos? In the meantime gas prices and the cost of living are going up. This government has no concern for the people.”

Van Putten, who started a petition drive some time ago to force the government out of office, maintains that the cabinet has to go as soon as possible. “One government official told me: I don’t care how many signatures you have. We will remain in office. But I will continue. I got a tremendous response during the Carnival. Their time is surely coming.”

Asked how many signatures the petition drive has netted so far, Van Putten said: “I have more signatures that the largest party got votes in the last elections.” He added that he will meet with all social partners to push for new elections.


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Van Putten upset about plan to allow additional casinos by

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