Van Gent puts legalized abortion in Curacao up for discussion

POSTED: 04/17/11 9:27 PM

THE HAGUE – GreenLeft parliamentarian Ineke van Gent wants the Dutch government to engage in talks with Curacao about the legalization of abortion. Van gent reacts with this initiative to a research by Curacao-based general practitioner Adriana Boersma who will take her doctoral degree at the University of Groningen this month.

The research shows that in 2009, fourteen women had to be admitted to hospital in Curacao after they had undergone an abortion. In countries where abortion is legal, there are hardly ever medical complications, Boersma states in her research. She also points out that sexual education at the school in Curacao is of a bad quality and that there is a taboo on the use of contraceptives like the pill.

Many women in Curacao think that the pill makes them infertile. Van Gent now reasons that enough is enough.

“Do you agree that a combination of a ban on abortion, faulty sexual education and a negative public attitude towards contraceptives leads to undesired consequences? Are you prepared to consult with your colleagues in Curacao about the negative consequences of the ban on abortion, faulty sexual education and faulty practical availability and acceptance of contraceptives? Van Gent wrote in a letter to Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Minister Piet Hein Donner, education Minister Marja van Bijsterveldt and Public health Minister Edith Schippers.

In an interview with Global Dutch Radio Van Gent said that she is aware of the fact that Curacao is an autonomous country. “I will keep hammering on this, I will keep devoting attention to it. Not from some sort of sickly meddlesomeness, but from a passion, because I find it important that within the Kingdom, and also in Curacao, the health of women and girls is not endangered.”

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