Van der Wulp starts job as new Dutch Representative

POSTED: 08/3/11 1:18 PM

St. Maarten – Gerard van der Wulp started on Monday as the new Dutch Representative for St. Maarten, Curacao and Aruba. Van der Wulp is established in Curacao but he will divide his time between the three countries under his responsibility. He succeeds Rob Vermaas who retired on May 1.

Van der Wulp, 61, became the director-general of the Dutch Government Information Service RVD in 1999 after a career in journalism. He was the spokesman for the royal family, the Prime Minister and the cabinet. He worked for two Prime Ministers: Wim Kok and Jan Peter Balkenende.

Before he took the job at the Government Information Service in 1999, Van der Wulp worked during 25 years as a journalist. He wrote for the dailies Het Binnenhof and Trouw at their parliamentary desk. In the eighties he was a political anchor for the NOS News; in 1987 he became its editor in chief, but in 1996 he left to become the NOS correspondent in Washington.

In August 2008 Van der Wulp became the acting Chef de Post at the Dutch embassy in Washington.

In the Dutch Caribbean he succeeds another former journalist, Rob Vermaas, as the Dutch Representative. Vermaas worked in the Netherlands as political editor for De Tijd (nowadays HP/De Tijd). He retired per May 1.

In a press release the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations stated that Van der Wulp’s task is to maintain relationships with governments, opposition and the social organizations. He also provides information to the Ministry about developments in the region, and channels information from the government in The Hague to the three countries. Lastly, Van der Wulp has a key function in the organization of working visits by official delegations from the Netherlands.

Each country has a section head who also acts as Van der Wulp’s replacement in case of his absence. In St. Maarten this is Marsie Jonkers, in Curacao Geneviève Lieuw and in Aruba Patricia Grollé.


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