UTS rewards loyal postpaid Chippie customers

POSTED: 11/15/11 4:38 AM

St. Maarten – UTS has launched a new customer appreciation program developed specifically for Chippie’s post-paid customers. The theme is “Stay True to the Blue” and is aimed at collecting information on customer satisfaction. It will also people to come into consideration for upgrades and specific incentives depending on their particular phone service package.
The target group for the initiative are clients who have been loyal UTS-Chippie clients for the past year or longer. People in this group will be contacted by a telemarketing team managed by IMBRACE that will administer the survey. The team will also inform people that they can upgrade to amongst others the brand new Blackberry 9900 – Bold 4 – smart phone which Chippie launched last week.
“We felt that it was necessary to recognize this group of customers for their long-standing commitments to Chippie. Our goal is to measure their overall level of satisfaction, as we continue to make essential service upgrades to meet and exceed customer needs, and also provide exclusive offers to show Chippie’s appreciation for their continued business as loyal customers who over the years have remained ‘True to the Blue’, which is the prominent color in Chippie’s core brand,” UTS Service Market Manager Michanou Arrundell said.
UTS Marketing & Communications Officer Ivy Lambert added, “As we are continuously working to improve our services, there will be a series of other customer-focused promotions available in the coming months. We encourage our customers to stay tuned and “Stay True” as we have much more in store. Chippie’s post-paid customers are strongly encouraged to participate in the phone calls being made by the “Stay True to the Blue” Team.”
For further information contact the “Stay True to the Blue” Team, UTS Service Market Manager Michanou Arrundell at 542-0101 or via e-mail at truetotheblue@uts.an.

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